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The Dominican Republic has so many beautiful places, lush topical forest, diving, hiking, monkeys, zip lining and more! Dive Cabarete offers several trips that can be arranged with advanced notice.  From private diving to exploring the beaches of Sousa, Puerta Plata and Cabarete, we can get you hooked up!
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Dudu Caverns 

$ 158 per person (2 dives)

(includes transport from Sosua/Cabarete, lunch and park fee) 

(minimum of 2 divers) 

Rio San Juan 

$ 150 per person (2 dives)

(minimum of 4 persons) 

(includes transport from Sosua/Cabarete, lunch and park fee) 

RioSan Juan Snorkeling/Tag Along 

(includes transport from Sosua/Cabarete, lunch and park fee) 

$ 65 per person

Paradise Island 

(minimum of 4 persons) 

(includes transport from Sosua/Cabarete, lunch and park fee) 

$ 195 per person (2 dives)

(includes transport from Sosua/Cabarete, lunch and park fee) 

$ 65 per person 

Paradise Island Snorkeling/Tag Along 

(minimum of 2 Divers on the group) 

El Dudu Caverns Day Trip  -  Price  $158 (minimum 2 people)
(includes 2 tank dive, transportation, lunch and park entrance fee)
An hour and a half drive from Cabarete lies El DuDu (also known as the Blue Lagoon). This cenote (sink hole) features clear blue freshwater that gives excellent visibility and a chance to try something different. The bottom is strewn with dead trees whose branches emerge eerily from the silt, these provide hiding places for the small fish, eels and fresh water shrimp that make their homes here. There are well marked tunnels to explore: one leading to an air pocket in which you can surface, and others that lead to a smaller pool of water half open to the sky. This is a full day trip which provides the chance for all levels of diver to experience the dark world of cavern diving.

Rio San Juan  -  Price  $150

(minimum 4 persons, includes 2 dives, transportation, lunch and park entrance)
This excursions is for divers, snorkelers and anyone that just wants to enjoy the real Dominican Republic. Rio San Juan is located just 65km/45 miles east of Sosua. The first dive and snorkeling spot “Las Rocas” is a perfect mix of caverns and reef, spectacular structures, incredible light reflections and colorful sponges and corals wherever you look. A cavern full of stalactites makes this dive special. The second diving and snorkeling session brings us to the Piscina Natural, the natural pool. The reef starts at 3m/10ft and slopes down to 11m/36ft. The diversity of colorful tropical reef fish, soft and hard coral is incredible. As this is a very shallow site dive time can exceed 60 minutes depending on the divers' experience level. We will enjoy delicious Dominican food and drinks as the day comes to an end. We arrive back to Sosua around 5pm.

Paradise Island - Price  $195

(minimum 4 persons, includes 2 dives, transportation, light breakfast, lunch and park entrance)
This day excursion starts at 6am. Our 3 hour journey to the west brings us to Puerto Plata and La Islabella. When we reach a small fishing village Punta Rucia we will set up the gear and boat out to a magnificent sandbank in the middle of the ocean: Paradise Island. It is surrounded by 40 dive spots packed with colorful corals and sponges. The depth ranges from 5-25m/15-85ft. During the surface interval we provide soft drinks and snacks. After two dives we're heading back through the mangroves to enjoy a fantastic lunch. A highlight of the day is the manatee park where we watch those fascinating animals in the river.
We return to Sosúa around 7pm.

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